Happy family having roast chicken dinner at tableIt’s Sunday, so today I went to church.  There was great message from Robert Ferguson.  I’m thankful for all I learn each time I’m in the house.  I’m sore and really tired, but so glad to get home.

I spend some special time just lying with Marc, it’s so lovely just to lie next to him.  Tonight we have our usual Sunday dinner, it’s family night.  Do you have traditions like this?

We find it so important to put time aside just for the family.  If we don’t do this, the week can slip by and we haven’t really connected.  So, on Sunday night we get together, have a yummy meal and spend some quality time together.

It was only a few years ago that family night was every night.  How fast things change.  Within the blink of an eye you look around you and don’t recognise anything.  As your kids grow they spend less time with you so you need to grab whatever time you can.  One thing this cancer journey has helped me do is to get clarity on how important my relationships are.

When you’re faced with the potential of having less time on this planet, it’s very clear, very quickly what’s important.  The to do list goes out the door, all those unimportant things you stressed yourself out with over the years are forgotten, and what really matters is the people in your world.

So I challenge you, if your wheels are spinning, your world is full, and you don’t know which way is up, stop and take a breath.  Take stock of what’s really important because you never know what tomorrow will bring.