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Monday 4th November 2013

So for the last 6-9 months I have been feeling like crap! I have had a really stressful year, have been waking feeling completely exhausted and I am always tired. My energy is low, everything is too hard, I get daily headaches, weird aches and pains and just feel like crap. I read an article on a plane recently that spoke about hypothyroidism so I went to see a naturopath on the 29.10.13. She said that I do have an under active thyroid so I need some specific tests to be ordered by my GP.

Today I saw my GP, I have spoken to her about how I feel before and she has always spoken about stress management.  I teach stress management so I am not saying I have nothing to learn but this is just too hard.  I simply don’t believe it is all due to stress.  However, I do feel like a whinger after speaking with my GP.  The way she looks at me when i reel off all of my symptoms.  I almost feel like minimising things so she just looks at me in a kinder way.

My GP appears to have her nose out of joint when I ask her for the blood tests requested by the Naturopath.  She says “but your thyroid levels are normal”.   I say “this was tested 12 months ago, “.   I also explain that this is not unusual with hypothyroidism which it is why it is commonly missed – she likes this even less and says “I will test your cholesterol”….. how helpful.  I even said I would pay for the tests and she refused to order them! I leave feeling deflated, unheard and like a hypochondriac.  I’m sure like thousands of other women who go to their Doctor with a group of weird symptoms and are told to “go home and rest”, or “take some timeout for yourself lovey”.

I call a girlfriend who is a nutritionist and she says “hey go to this clinic in the city, these guys work alongside naturopaths”, She also added, “what happened here is not good enough, you should be able to speak openly and honestly with your GP”.  I feel some what  empowered and make the call.  I have an appointment for the 8.11.13.  Hopefully then I will begin to get some answers.

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