sucked_mango_pip_fbI’m in bed by 8 PM, I was so angry at myself for not standing up for my needs. I’m lying in bed still awake until 1 AM then I slept with nightmares until 4 AM. Finally this awful night was over and I can try and start afresh.

Today’s is one of those days where I just want to hide away from the world. I’m sore, my left wound still looks like a sucked out mango. The expanders have given me some shape but it’s really uneven. And on top of that my drain is really sore today too.

The site of the drain in my side has been burning for most of the day will stop it so hard to explain just how intense this pain is. I believe I have a strong pain threshold but I’m not feeling so strong at the moment.

By the night time my chest is on fire surely this is not from the few light exercises that I did earlier today, surely.