slowstepsBetter sleep last night because they gave me a sleeping pill, thank you Lord. I saw the registrar this  morning and he said that this amount of pain is normal and it should settle in a few weeks. Thankfully he is happy to prescribe what is needed to help me manage the pain in the meantime. I was so frightened I’d be sent home without any pain management.

It would have really helped if I expected to be in this much pain but it just was not discussed with me and the surgeon – I’m not sure how we missed that.  Expectations have such a big impact on our response to things. If I was expecting to be a lot of pain I’m sure I would have handled it better.

Peter and Wendy bought me a home-made kale smoothy today how awesome is that?

I told them this time that I am gluten free dairy free and sugarfree so I been literally eating cardboard. I will never say this in hospital again it really wasn’t smart. They are not set up to support such eating.

My sister in law  popped in today and I’ve had another drain removed so I only have two left.  That makes it easier to move about even though my arms still don’t work.  I will ask for another sleeping pill tonight, the pain is the same but I feel like I’m getting used to it. One of the breast care nurses came to visit today they didn’t know I was here and only happened to glance in and see me. They will mention this to my surgeon so hopefully the next lady does not miss out.