inpainI felt like I slept a little deeper, I woke up thinking hours had passed and only 30 minutes had. If you’ve ever experienced that, man it is depressing. I woke at 530 with so much pain it was hard to breathe. After getting the nurse and getting some pain relief I finally was able to relax a little. My doctor seems really surprised at the level of pain I’m in.

He casually strode into the room today and stuck out his hand to shake mine he thought I was joking when I couldn’t lift my arm to meet his. He made it sound like I need to try harder and that I’m imagining how bad things are. This really cuts right through me as I do not like to whinge or make a fuss.

I get the IV removed today I have been sitting up, apparently I’ll go home in 3-5 days when my pain is under control and I can use my arms (slightly important).  I had a visit from a lady from that breast cancer support group with never met before but gosh it was so lovely to talk to her, what a blessing.

Wendy and Pete came by from church and Marc and Sam visited as well this afternoon. Marc will bring my drain bag back with him tomorrow that will help a lot because at the moment I’m not able to move around with my drains all hanging about.  The drain bags were part of the breast care nurse support that as I said previously I’m not accessing that this time.  I’m really craving sleep I’m so tired but still the pain is unbearable.