qiUp early to attend “wellness woman” today. This is like a business breakfast the women focused on wellness whether they work in the industry will want to be well. I am sort of coming from both sides.

It was really great to meet like minded women who are committed to making a difference. It was also great to see my friend Tammy she’s been such an awesome support through this process. I also have them also sugar wheat and dairy free food which was YUM!

I had something called an acugraph done (it measures the energy meridians of the body) and the woman said that my she Qi or life force was the best of anyone in the room. Then she said whatever I’m doing keep doing it. Nice!

However she said my immune system was very low and I need to keep focusing on rebuilding it. Not surprising considering I’ve just completed chemo.

So we had Connect group tonight, I got my ugly support bras and my pyjamas for hospital too. I’m still feeling pushed and yuck as the next surgery day is fast approaching. I need to remind myself to keep leaning in to stop striving and allow God to hold me in his arms.