Good-health-poor-healthSo surprise, surprise I didn’t sleep too well. In fact, I was woken every few hours by the need to use the bathroom due to violent and acidic diarrhoea. Sorry folks but when you signed up for this I promised the truth.

The clock ticked past 245am then 4am. I took some more pain meds for the back and leg cramps. It is so hard to try and get comfortable in bed. I watch some TV in bed, which passes the time but is not ideal.  Midnight to Dawn TV is awful…….. Just saying.

Morning finally comes and sadly today we go to the funeral of a close friends Mum. It occurred to me for a Nano second to decline due to my fuzzy head, nausea and exploding acidic bowel but I could not say No. These friends have been so kind, so generous to our whole family the least we can do is go and stand with them, celebrating the wonderful life of their precious Mum.

We arrive and my mission is to case out the loos in case of a bowel emergency. There are no major issues, thank goodness.  However, the entire time I feel surreal like I am hovering outside of myself, I am now not sure if it’s all in my head or not.  Regardless, the service was beautiful, this woman was treasured by so many.

We pay our respects and head home where I go straight back to bed. I take more pain meds as the cramping in my back and legs has not subsided. I decide to go for a walk and Marc comes with me. Poor love he must feel like he is in a slow motion movie. Believe me I am not fast at the moment. I make snails look like formula one racing cars.

I feel like I have a horrid hangover that has morphed into a stomach bug on steroids.   Despite this I made some soup and amaze balls for myself. Clean eating is the way to go.  I keep saying to myself that i need to put in as many nutrients as I can.  I hope I can keep going as I traditionally do do too well on healthy for when I am experiencing nausea.  When I and morning sickness in my pregnancy I was well known by Pizza Hut ( Meat lovers Pizza), Maccas (their shakes) and Michels Patisserie (ohhh sausage rolls) just to name a few.  I was sure that I would give birth to a cabanossi I ate so much meat lovers pizza.

Getting back to the Clean Eating, if you’d like the recipe for amaze balls let me know and I will share it on the resource page. They are wheat, sugar and dairy free and pretty AMAZING. I learned the recipe form Sara Wilson who is a wonderful ambassador for clean eating and a healthy lifestyle.

Betty boo is still real cute, real sweet but a more excitable more boisterous version of her is emerging. She has such a spirit, I am loving it. I am going to ensure we train her well though J

Well I am back off to bed and I am praying for respite tonight.