Hey everyone,

I am so sorry I have not added to this blog for almost a year, I am so sorry but I have been on such a journey of discovering what works and what doesn’t.  Firstly, as you can imagine this blog has been written retrospectively.  I wrote it originally in a journal on a daily basis.  This exercise was like oxygen for me.

I have since transcribed this to the blog.  I was diagnosed in late 2013 and this blog represents my journey each day for just over a year.  Late in 2014 I attempted to return to work.  I returned to my business and worked on it starting part time and pretty quickly upgraded to full time.

Anyone out there have a bump in the road when they returned to work?  I know for me that it was certainly bumpy……  I have never been great at starting slowly, in fact doing anything slowly is really a struggle for me.

So…. I over did it and CRASHED!!!!  I became so sick, I was struggling with pain, fatigue and I began to get vertigo.  I felt so bad that I felt like I had no control over my body.  I felt that I could not predict how my body was going to react and that really scared me.  I was then diagnosed with “post chemo chronic fatigue…..”

I felt frightened to book in work because I just could not predict how I would wake up, would I be able to get out of bed and show up or not?

So there has been a journey of discovery that I have been on, I will be sharing this as I go along.  I am determined to share what worked for me with you guys. I don’t want any of you to go through the darkness and feel alone as I did at time.  You don’t need to.

So I am back, the blogs will be regular.  I am working on some exciting resources for you guys really soon.  I have worked on my health and strength and am also only working the hours I can work.  Progress hey!  So please keep sharing, anyone you know that you believe would benefit from my experience, please share.  Let’s not do this alone…… if you know a family or a couple that is going through this, please share.


Love, hugs and health