awayMy youngest Sam goes to his Nan’s tonight in Queensland.  I miss him already and I know he’s not 100% sure about seeing his Dad. His Dad has not been doing too well, he’s been drinking a lot and not behaving like a Dad should with Sam (Nurturing and protecting him).

I want to protect Sam so much but they also know that I can’t protect him from everything. He will be safe with his Nan, and he also needs to see his Dad. It is so hard when the people you love get hurt and are hurt but those who should be protecting them.  Parenting after Divorce is so challenging.  Trying to work collaboratively when the other party is not willing and looking after your child is so difficult.

But still, we must continue to try and build relationships so that our kids can have the best relationship with each parent.

It’s been such a stressful day, trying to get organised to get Sam packed and Marc and I too as we are going for away for a weekend.  Even with all that is happening, Marc and I still try and prioritise some “us” time.

I find myself like a three-year-old chucking a tantrum and saying it’s just not worth it. I’m so tired and sore, I have no patience and I just want to lie down. The one Sam is at the airport and we are in our room the first glass of champagne helps me relax.

Although it’s been really hard to get here it’s really important for Mark and I do spend quality time together, we really just don’t get enough of it.